General principles: These General Conditions apply to all legal relationships to which Barattieri Sinterizzati srl with registered office in Villaggio Prealpino, cross XXXII, n ° 6, 25136 Brescia (hereafter “BiSint”), participates for the production of sintered parts. These general conditions integrate and complete the offer formulated by BiSint In case of discrepancy between the offer formulated by BiSint and the present general conditions will prevail as indicated on sale.

Object of the performance performed by BiSint: BiSint produces standard or customized parts in sintered material.

Production documentation / specifications: The treatments and processes must be defined and indicated by the customer on drawings or written instructions. In the absence of specific written indications, BiSint will assume that the product should not have no processing or processing and, in these cases, BiSint will not accept claims or returns. In the same way BiSint will perform all work or treatments written in the detail drawing unless otherwise specified in writing.

Quantity: The quantity delivered to the customer may vary by 10%, both positive and negative.

Sampling: In the case of a first supply of a particular design, BiSint will perform a sampling that will have to be accepted by the customer in order to proceed with production. After 30 days from the date of receipt of the samples, in the absence of a written complaint, the samples will be considered accepted and in compliance with the client’s requests.

Offer: All offers, in any form, are binding for the time of 30 days. In the absence of an express acceptance by the customer, fully compliant with the proposal formulated by BiSint, the offer is deemed not accepted.

Price: The supply price is that indicated in the offer and in the order confirmation formulated by BiSint and in full accepted by the customer. If due to unforeseeable circumstances there are increases in the cost of materials, treatments or processes, BiSint reserves the right to vary the final price, communicating it to the customer in time.

Delivery: The delivery terms indicated by BiSint, unless otherwise agreed in writing with the customer, not they can never be considered as essential terms. In the event that BiSint does not deliver within the time limit agreed, the customer must contest the delay in writing, granting it a reasonable time for performance. In in the event that BiSint is not able to promptly deliver the goods due to circumstances that do not imputable and which are beyond its control, it may, without incurring liability, delay the fulfillment of the measure made necessary by the circumstances.

Transport: The goods travel according to the conditions described in the offer stage.

Packaging: The packaging of goods will be executed according to BiSint standard (in nylon bag and boxes of carton, if the quantity is abundant the boxes will be sent in pallets). All the hills are accompanied by transport document.

Product verification and complaints: The customer is required to check the status of the material delivered upon receipt of the same. Any complaints relating to the immediately discernable defects must be presented to BiSint in writing, immediately, and in any case within the deadline of 8 working days from the delivery of the products object of complaint. In the absence of such a timely complaint the goods will be considered accepted for all purposes of law, none claim can be made after further processing or treatment by the customer, which constitutes tacit final acceptance. No dispute authorizes the customer to perform or have third parties perform repairs, without written authorization from BiSint.

Warranty for defects: BiSint guarantees that the materials used for production have specific characteristics indicated in the technical data sheets of their suppliers.

Payments: All payments must be made at the time agreed in writing between the parties. If the customer does not proceeds to the payment within the agreed term this is considered legally in default and BiSint can, without necessity of formal notice, automatically charge default interest to the extent provided by the Legislative Decree. 9 OCTOBER 2002, N. 231. The non-payment, moreover, will produce with immediate effect the suspension of other orders in hand in BiSint

Order cancellation: for every order already confirmed by BiSint and canceled by the Customer, BiSint will charge the customer the 20% of the total order, VAT excluded. If instead the material was already produced, the cancellation of the order does not will in no case be accepted.

Confidentiality: the customer and BiSint undertake to keep strictly confidential to third parties information, data, knowledge and documents of a confidential nature of mutual relevance, of which they had come to know in relation to the conclusion and execution of each supply.