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The Company

Barattieri Sinterizzati

Barattieri Sinterizzati company proposes itself as a Partner to companies that want to use Powder Metallurgy technology.

It operates following strict quality standards both for the production of simple iron reductions and for the more complex sintered steel parts, of which it can follow the entire development, from design to construction and any subsequent processing phases.

company Barattieri Sinterizzati
Simone Barattieri di San Pietro Marco Barattieri di San Pietro Alessandro Barattieri di San Pietro

By exploiting the metallurgical knowledge gained over the course of 50 years in the field of Heat Treatments of its founder, Ing. Alessandro Barattieri of San Pietro, and the collaboration of highly specialized personnel in the field of sintering of metal powders, the company Barattieri Sinterizzati can satisfy the most varied production requests, also knowing how to recommend the best technological solutions currently available.

From the beginning, the enterprising spirit of the Management laid the foundations for growth which today sees the doubling of the staff, the tripling of the turnover with an average of 30% per year, more than 400 active molds and a projection of a further 40 % annual increase for the next 5 years.

From a small and unknown reality to a partner of large national and international companies.

Year after year it has grown to the point of being able to assert its position as an Italian point of reference for sintered materials.

To date, the company can count on a team of 15 people, including workers, employees (Technical Office, Commercial Office, Production Office, Quality Office) and managers.