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Sintered products

Barattieri Sinterizzati is able to meet not only the customers’ needs for simple self-lubricating bronze sintered bushings but also for more complex products such as sintered gears.
Thanks to the company’s experience in the field of sintering, we can offer our customers customized solutions to meet their specific requirements.

Our capability for component customization allows us to provide sintered components with complex geometries, tight tolerances, and specific material properties.
Furthermore, we work closely with our customers to understand their specific needs and offer tailored solutions for their applications.

To ensure maximum production flexibility, the company does not maintain a large inventory of products, except for a few cases. However, with over 500 molds present within our facility, we are able to significantly expedite delivery times to our end customers in many situations.
In this way, we guarantee our customers fast availability of high-quality sintered components, even in the case of urgent requests.

Sintered structural components

Self-lubricating bronze sintered bushings