The sintering process consists of different parts.
Starting from powders, mixed or pure, they are pressed, with presses of various tonnages depending on the surface of the product to be created, thus creating the pieces called “green“. These pieces have the shape of the finished part (except for particular work that can possibly be done later) but they do not yet have the strength of the final product. To do this it is necessary, in fact, to sinter them, that is to say, to put them in an oven that will allow the particles to be micro-smelted.

The sintered piece, by its nature, does not have the same density of the piece coming from fusion or mechanical processing, but this in many cases offers undoubted advantages: lower cost, possibility of impregnation in oils and resins thus making it self-lubricated, less weight, equal mechanical strength and hardness, possibility of mixing materials that normally could not be fused together, and in any case the possibility of subsequently performing mechanical processes of threading, grinding etc.

Our Company has molding and calibration presses ranging from 4 to 150 tons: Dorst, Atlas, ICO, both hydraulic and mechanical

All heat treatments (reclamation, carbonitriding, carburizing, etc.) and surface treatments (galvanizing, nickel-plating, resin impregnation, etc.) are carried out externally so as to be able to identify, according to the customer’s needs, the most experienced supplier for guarantee the desired result.

Complete Sintering Process